What do you know about Pandher?

What do you know about Pandher?
What do you know about the origin of Pandher?
Throw light on the history of Pandher?

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paramvir said...

Pandher is a Jat gotra or clan found in the state of Punjab (India) India and Pakistan. Pandher is a Royal Jat surname traditionally found in Northern India particularly in Punjab (India). Pandhers are Punjabis of the Sikh faith or born to Sikh parents and are large landlords. Pandhers are the most influential of all jatt gotras.

In India, they inhabit the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. In Pakistan, they are found in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The Jats, like most South Asians, are mostly farmers; they are the dominant land owner caste, particularly in Panjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh. However they are also found in many other professions. A large number of Jats serve in the Indian Army, including the, Sikh Regiment and the Grenadiers, among others. Jats also serve in the Pakistan Army particularly in the Punjab Regiment.

There are numerous theories about the origin of the Jats. Jats are commonly considered to be of Scythian (Saka), Indo-European, Indo-Iranian or Indo-Aryan stock in view of the similar physical features and common practices. Recent studies of the people of Indian Punjab, where about 40% or more of the population are Jats, suggest that the Jats are similar to other populations of the Indus Valley.

The Jats seem to have first occupied the Indus valley as far down as Sindh, whither the Meds followed them about the beginning of the present era. But before the earliest Muslim conquests the Jats had spread into Punjab proper, where there were firmly established in the beginning of the eleventh century.

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